Application Projects

Our application courses involve research of the PLC controlled process; our PLC Engineers will carry this out. With their experience they will analyse your requirements and develop a PLC application manual specific to the process. This can be used outside the course as a working document to aid fault finding and maintenance of the PLC equipment and attached plant devices.

The objectives of an application course and the accompanying documentation are to increase the students knowledge of the sequencing involved in the PLC controlled process. Allowing students to understand and implement the procedures required in locating the problem area and investigating in detail the cause of the operation failure.

A typical PLC application manual consists of the following sections.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of the drive, including the following areas:

    • Description of the PLC hardware involved in the process
    • I/O addressing and schedules.
    • Explanation of critical sequences or conditions in the process.
    • Introduction to the PLC software, highlighting monitoring points within the program that can be used to determine if an operation is completed, not initiated or has failed.
    • Fault Finding procedures to rectify faults that occur within the PLC controller, plant devices or I/O modules.

    Application courses can be designed for any of the following PLC’s

    • Siemens
    • AB
    • GE Fanuc
    • Delta
    • Omron
    • ABB
  • electrical