Siemens / ABB AC Drives Course

The course has been designed to familiarise Maintenance Engineers with the many different aspects associated with the operation and maintenance of AC drives.

Where possible, application specific exercises, actual drawings and programs listings are used to allow the students to gain the greatest possible benefit from the course.


To introduce students to the concepts and operation of the drive, including the following areas:

  • Course Content:

    • To understand the basic techniques of controlling an AC motor.
    • AC motor and drive theory.
    • Vector control.
    • How a drive is constructed, and how the various protection features work.
    • Operation of the drive.
    • VFD range and specification.
    • Protection
    • Control connections.
    • Parameter overview.
    • Speed and Torque control.
    • Using the keypad. The students will also be able to monitor and diagnose faults.
    • Commissioning.
    • The drive parameters and configuration.
    • Digital and analogue I/O wiring and configuration.
    • Position Control.
  • electrical